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Wishing Well Doves as an enterprise adventure started at a birthday celebration, in fact a very important birthday, our pure white doves were part of a team of 100 white dove released on Horse Guards Parade in our capital city for our late Queen Mothers 100th birthday which was televised and transmitted around the world, that was our regal start, a start we will always be honoured and proud to have been part of such a great day.

White doves have been used as a celebration of life and they have been a symbol of hope, peace and love across the millennia, a symbol that has been captured in sandstone carvings and pottery models that have been unearthed over time by archaeologists all over the world, this wonderful union between man and pigeon began when man himself started cultivating grain to make bread to feed himself.

White doves can be seen in many church stained glass windows a sign of purity and hope, the renewal of life itself with many couples that are getting married these days having white doves released to celebrate their coming together as man and wife to start their life as a partnership, doves join in pairs for life so it is a good omen to have and to witness as the doves are liberated and join each other in the sky for the journey home.

White doves are used to celebrate the life of a loved one, released at churches, gravesides, crematoriums and gardens of remembrances around the world. The sight of seeing a white dove take to the sky has a majestic feeling of love and hope, this simple winged tribute gives peace just to watch a pure white dove take flight into the sky as a final farewell to a loved one is a wondrous sight to behold.

White Doves have been associated with love, peace and harmony through the centuries and have been taken to the hearts of many, our doves can be released as singles, pairs or multiples the choice is always there, they can be liberated from the baskets of released by hand by the bride and groom or the family.

We at Wishing Well Doves are here to help you with your celebration of life's moments, it is said that a picture paints a thousand words and the sight of white doves liberated to fly into the sky is a sight to remember for all time.

James Mullan
Wishing Well Doves

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